My Little French Planet

About la Jolie Ronde

La Jolie Ronde has been at the forefront of languages for     children since 1983.  It  is well established and known for its methodology and its high quality teaching materials.  It has won a number of awards, the most recent being the 2012 Primary Teacher Gold Award for languages.

La Jolie Ronde French classes are taught to tens of thousands of children each week by fully trained teachers in over 1000 centres across the UK and Ireland. 

Why choose La Jolie Ronde

  • Learning through fun songs, puppets, finger rhymes, games and toys
  • Imitate and repeat oral activities
  • Using a structured and progressive programme, which enhances other learning, like good communication skills in general and good interaction with other children
  • Reward for good work
  • Language development is at its most rapid at this age group. It comes easily to the very young 
  • They gain a good grounding for future learning
  • Playing is learning! Learning languages through play the children enjoy themselves. No boredom with learning from a standard text book.
  • It increases memory capacity and trains the memory to assimilate which is an essential skill in any future curriculum learning.